Publishing / Cover

Off Switch by C.T. Baker

I designed this cover for author C.T. Baker's near-future novel about a pandemic era woman who leaves her secluded life of virtual reality after the murder of one of her guild mates.

Publishing / Cover

Passageways: Nine Tales. Nine Unique Literary Worlds. Curated by Mike X Welch

Passageways is an anthology featuring some of the strongest independent authors writing today, happily playing in the universes they’ve each built. Running the gamut from fantasy to sci-fi to horror.

It was curated by Mike X Welch and features 9 authors: Tahani Nelson (The Faoii Chronicles), Brian Fitzpatrick (Mechcraft), R.H. Webster (Rosebud), S.E. Soldwedel (Broken Circles), G.A. Finocchiaro (SCALES), Evan Graham (The Calling Void), Susan K. Hamilton (Shadow King), and Jane-Holly Meissner (The Fae Child Trilogy).

Publishing / Cover

The Tides of Madness by Craig A. Munro

I created this cover for book two in Craig A. Munro's The Books of Dust and Bone series.

You can find book one, The Bones of the Past, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through the publisher: Inkshares.

Publishing / Cover

Fired by Bullets by C.E. Chessher

I created this cover for author C. E. Chessher and MuseItUp Publishing. This is an additional installment in the A South Texas Mystery series.

Publishing / Cover

Soul In Hell by Laura Hellings

I created this cover for author Laura Hellings's memoir.

Publishing / Cover

Completely Incomplete a novel by Jeffrey Hirschberg

This cover was created for Jeffrey Hirschberg's funding project on Inkshares.

Publishing / Cover

Storm Song by Allison Griner

This cover was created for Allison Griner's funding project on Inkshares.

Cover / Publication Design

The Dark Mountain

This cover was created for M. Robert Randolph's funding project on Inkshares.